Author’s Name (first and last)

Title of Blog
The blog has normal spacing and double spacing between paragraphs. Do not indent for paragraphs. A Blog is an average of 200-500 words but can be longer.

Personal information at the end of the blog:
(first and last name of author) (information about positions author presently holds in the garden club)

Ex: By Karen Bowen
Karen is a member of the Yuma Orchid and African Violet Society, is a master gardener, and is the Pacific Region Butterfly Chairman.

After your personal information, list the photos being sent #1-5 and the source for each.
Only one photo is needed for a blog. You can send up to 5 photos if they are all different and add to the blog’s information. The Blog Manager can provide a generic photo if you have none.

Label photo with:
Photo Number #1-5, Blog, Source of photo, Your last name
#1 Blog Wikimedia Bowen
#2 Blog Wikipedia Bowen
#3 Blog Karen Bowen Bowen
#4 Blog Sally Smith Bowen
#5 Blog Jack Smith Bowen

Photos must be personal, from public domain sources that allow free use of their photos, or from government sites, such as U.S. Fish and Wildlife.