What is a blog?

A blog is a short article about a particular garden club activity, a community project, a plant, an animal, gardening information, horticulture information, and educational topics. It can also highlight a club member or other topic related to garden clubs and gardening.

The blog is open to the public and is a place to bring awareness to the public, as well as garden club members, about a variety of gardening topics and what garden clubs are doing in their communities. It is also a place for garden clubs to share upcoming events or events already held.

How long is a blog?

An AFGC blog is between 200 and 500 words. However, longer blogs are accepted. In today’s world, you lose your audience if a blog is too long. The goal is to catch the reader’s eye with your title and provide information that takes about 5-7 minutes to read.

How do I submit my photos?

One (1) photo is required per blog. You can submit up to five (5) photos if they are all different and pertain to the blog.
Label your photo/s with #1 Blog Photo source Your last name
Ex: #1 Blog Wikimedia Bowen
Each photo will have a different number, #1-#5, depending on how many photos you submit.
Ex: #1 Blog Wikimedia Bowen
#2 Blog US Fish and Wildlife Bowen
#3 Blog Karen Bowen Bowen (If you took the photo, you are the photo source)
After photos are numbered and labeled, attach them to an email, along with your blog, and email to azgardenblog@gmail.com.

What are the requirements for a photo to be posted?

Photos must be your personal photos or photos from people you know who gave permission for their photo/s to be used in your blog, from a public source that has no copyright restrictions, or from a government source, such as U.S. Fish and Wildlife. The Blog Manager will provide a generic photo if you have none that meet the requirements.

By Karen Bowen, AFGC Blog Manager