The newly renovated AFGC website has a Greenleaf Blog page for members to share gardening information and special events their club is participating in. The Greenleaf Blog replaces the Greenleaf newsletter.

AFGC is looking for garden club members interested in writing short blogs sharing information with our gardening community. Topics for a blog include gardening, garden club activities, wildlife, community projects, floral design, landscape design, environment, nature, education, community projects, and blogs highlighting special members in your club and what they do to help the club.

A short blog, 200-500 words, or longer if you wish, and one photo are submitted to the blog manager, Karen Bowen, at You can send up to five photos if they are all different and relate to the blog’s topic.

Read the “AFGC Blog Guidelines” post that lists information for using photos that are not yours. If you do not have a photo, the blog manager will find one.

The blog manager will send your blog to Salterra, the AFGC website manager and your blog will be posted in one or two days.

To read blogs already posted, go to Click on Blogs in the top menu and enjoy reading information other garden club members have shared.

AFGC Wants YOU to help make the AFGC Blog a wonderful success.

By Karen Bowen, AFGC Blog Manager