Washington Garden Club – Diamond Club

Organized in 1929 and Federated in 1934 Currently 19 Members

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Our Club Goals:

  1. To stimulate a love for gardening in family, friends, and neighbors.
  2. To encourage home and community beautification.
  3. To improve awareness of horticulture as both a hobby and a profession.
  4. To encourage the art of floral arranging and design.
  5. To provide active support and encouragement for the conservation of natural resources.
  6. To better understand the limitations of our arid environment and learn to cope with special challenges.


The Washington Garden Club will use the bequest of the Iva Corpstein Estate in fulfilling each of the above goals, in memory and love for the enhancement of education in the fields of gardening, arranging, and philanthropic activities.

Budget Committee Chairperson

Linda Pierce

Christmas Party Chairperson

Cecilia Gaelick

Club Photography Chairperson

Brian Hopkins

Flower Show/Design Chairperson

Marge Bayless

Fundraising Chairperson

Orvalita Hopkins

Historical Records Chairperson

Tina Box

Horticulture/Native Plants Chairperson

Kristi Caggiano

Membership Chairperson

Destyn Moreno

Philanthropic Chairperson

Jessica Tatum

Programs Chairperson

Dana Benoit

Social Media Chairperson

Katie Fiore

Sunshine Girl/Telephone Tree

Destyn Moreno

Yearbook Chairperson

Linda Pierce
Ralph Pierce

Valley Garden Center Liason 

Orvalita Hopkins

Veteran Home Centerpieces Chairperson

Orvalita Hopkins

Web Page

Tina Box

Continuing Projects

CP-1 Arizona Veterans Home

Continue support to the Arizona Veterans Home celebrating the fall season with donations of pumpkins for the jack-o-lantern contest and create holiday centerpieces for dining room tables.
100% membership participation
Chairman: All Members

CP-2 Heifer International Project

An organization that helps children and families around the world receive training and animal gifts to help them become self-reliant. The club provides support by making a $50 yearly donation.
100% membership participation
Chairman: Marge Bayless

CP-3 Penny’s for Pines

NGC and the USDA Forest Service have formed a partnership sustaining our national and urban forests through this reforestation/forest education program. Our club participates in this program by annually donating the requested amount of $68 for replanting replacement trees damaged by fire or other natural catastrophes in Arizona forests.
100% membership participation.
Chairman: Jessica Tatum

CP-4 St Mary’s Food Bank

A non-profit organization that gathers and distributes food donations to feed the hungry in Arizona. Our club provides support through food and monetary donations.
100% member participation.
Chairman: Ralph and Linda Pierce

CP-5 Horticulture for Young Gardeners

Working with the youth to teach them about the joy and wonder of growing vegetables to use in the Culinary School at Moon Valley High School.
100% member participation.
Chairman: Glenna Teel

CP-6 Environmental Learning Field Trips

Experiencing the beauty of desert plants, wildlife, and native culture of the Southwest.
80% membership participation
Chairman: Glenna Teel and Marge Bayless

CP-7 Caring for Others

Donating clothes, diapers, and toys to the Department of Child Safety  (DCS) for children in their care.
100% member participation.
Chairman: Jessica Tatum

CP-8 Valley Garden Center Cleanup

Members will do a scheduled cleanup of the year and inside buildings.
100% member participation.
Chairman: Marge Bayless

Past Presidents

1929-1930 Mrs. S.R. Marlette 1958-1960 Mrs. J.G. Perry
1930-1931 Mrs. Dan C. Carper 1960-1962 Mrs. J.M. Nelson
1931-1932 Mrs. H.B. Embach 1962-1963 Mrs. D.M. Biaett
1932-1933 Mrs. W.H. Knox 1963-1963 Mrs. Sam Minter
1934-1935 Mrs. J.F. Warnock 1963-1964 Mrs. Peter Corpstein
1935-1936 Mrs. Ben L. Rudderow 1964-1966 Mrs. W. Andrew Jean
1936-1937 Mrs. C.M. Dean 1967-1968 Mrs. C.F.M. Johnson
1937-1938 Mrs. J.M. Nixon 1968-1969 Mrs. Dan A. Lippman
1938-1940 Mrs. E.G. Fitzgerald 1969-1971 Mrs. Larry Sherrick
1940-1941 Mrs. F.W. Campbell 1971-1973 Mrs. Bart an Wolde
1941-1942 Mrs. L.L. Sanes 1973-1978 Ms. Miona Mackey
1942-1943 Mrs. P.A. Brown 1978-1984 Mrs. Edward Newhall
1943-1944 Mrs. M.C. Rand 1984-1986 Mrs. Jerry Groves
1944-1945 Mrs. Ben L. Rudderow 1986-1987 Mrs. Jane Ewaniuk
1945-1946 Mrs. H.J. Albersmeier 1987-1989 Mrs. Richard Valenti
1946-1947 Mrs. Clark Street 1989-1991 Mrs. Gene Henry
1947-1948 Mrs. E.C. Stutz 1991-1993 Mr. George Byrne
1948-1949 Mrs. E.P. Warren 1993-1995 Ms. Lucinda Harrison
1949-1950 Mrs. David Russel 1995-1999 Mrs. Betty Groves
1950-1951 Mrs. Newman White 1999-2004 Mrs. Orvalita Hopkins
1951-1952 Mrs. J.S. Hopwood 2004-2005 Mr. Wally Vegors
1952-1954 Mrs. George T.Geeiler 2005-2007 Mrs. Marge Bayless
1954-1955 Mrs. A.J. English 2007-2009 Mrs. Orvalita Hopkins
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