Yuma Orchid and African Violet Society (YOAVS)

Currently 20 members


The Yuma Orchid and African Violet Society is a plant society dedicated to the growing, studying, and appreciation of orchids and African violets in our desert community. Our members have varying commitments to growing these wonderful plants. Some members have only one or two and others have considerably more. Together we share the life-enriching hobby of enjoying orchids and African violets.

Home and Garden Show: Executive Committee
Orchid Repotting Workshop: Executive Committee
Programs: Myra Lader
Yearbook: Myra Lader
Penny Pines: Myra Lader

Home and Garden Show plant sale (sell orchids and African violets)
Orchid Repotting Workshop for the public to bring orchids. We furnish fresh bark and help them replant their orchids.

Yuma Orchid and African Violet Society