Blog Topics Include: Club Activities, Community Projects, Education, Floral Design, Landscape Design, Gardening, Wildlife, Environment, Human Interest, Youth Activities, or any other topic that is related to gardening.

If someone else has recently submitted a blog about your topic, your blog might be held for future use in a week or two.

Read the posted AFGC Greenleaf Blogs to see the blog format and what topics have already been covered. (

What Happens Once I Submit a Blog?

  1. The blog manager receives your email at with your blog and photo/s attached.
  2. The blog manager reviews the article for spelling and grammar.
  3. The blog manager fact checks and edits, if needed. If major revisions are made, the revised blog will be emailed back to you for permission to allow the revisions before it is posted. If minor revisions are made, the blog will be posted.
  4. The blog is sent to Salterra by the Blog Manager. Salterra posts it on the AFGC Greenleaf Blog page.

Greenleaf Blog Submissions

  1. AFGC welcomes submissions for potential publication in the Greenleaf Blog.
  2. Topics for blogs include: Environment, Floral Design, Gardening, Landscape Design, Nature, Photography, Youth Activities, Garden Club Activities, Community Projects, Education, Human Interest, Environment, and Wildlife.
  3. The AFGC Blog Manager reviews submissions and has the discretion of whether or not to submit a blog for publication.
  4. If major revisions were made to a blog, the author is sent the revised blog for approval before it is submitted for publication.
  5. Authors may only submit their own material.
  6. Previously published articles/images written by the author must be identified as to where they were published and when.
  7. Photos must have the source cited.
  8. AFGC and the Greenleaf Blog Manager reserve the right to reject content at their discretion.
  9. All blogs are appreciated and help publicize AFGC garden clubs.
  10. Submit blogs and a photo at